Management jobs


Ing. Martin Zeman

Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Within the organisational structure of the company, the position of General Manager is responsible for the management of the activities of the design, sales, implementation and administration departments. From the beginning, responsibilities for IT management, HR policy, HSE and ISR are also linked to the DG.

As a member of the VINCI Group, we take over the experience in the development of new information technologies from the Western world and use the latest technologies. For a company using large data flows, IT is indispensable. Today, the very frequent question of security, know-how, technological procedures – all these are managed by our IT.

In addition, in 2022 we are launching an in-house Cassandra system, tailored to our needs and requirements.

Occupational health and safety is and will always be a priority department, because the lives of our employees are of the utmost importance to us. Especially the fitters, who work daily in variable outdoor conditions and perform heavy work.

Employees are regularly trained, supplied with the best protective equipment and given the most up-to-date knowledge.

Along with OHS, the HR department is also the most important part of the company’s policy.

We strive to keep our HR at a consistently high level by always looking for new programs and benefits for employees to make them look forward to work.

HR is also responsible for the ISR ( Integrated Management System); it has to blend the important tasks and processes that are set up and these processes have to be backed by the legal code. Everything must be clearly described, preventing confusion. This activity is also linked to the various audits that the company regularly undergoes.

Thanks to the experience of our employees, we can carry out projects in different parts of Europe and develop our skills in renewables, so we have put together a team to cover all the activities involved.

The purpose of all this is to ensure that the company, which has been on the market for more than 30 years, continues to have a future.

The role of the Board of Directors and the CEO is to ensure that the company maintains its established standards from the perspective of the client, business partners and employees.

Today, a satisfied employee is the most important thing that can exist in a company.


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