About company

We wish to meet our customers’ qualitative requirements, ensure occupational health and safety for our employees, and be considerate to the environment!

Avoidance of failures in all our activity and timely identification of potential causes of failure in every phase of service preparation and implementation is the basis for all our activity.

Thanks to these efforts, it is constantly competitive and meets customer requirements in the long term.

The company is part of the international energy brand OMEXOM and a member of the VINCI Energies group, which has a global presence and is an important player on the European market. There is mutual support and cooperation within the association of enterprises. It also has the task of following and conveying the main ideas of the entire VINCI Group.

The company has an established Ethics Program, or Compliance, thanks to which all employees undertake to always act in accordance with the rules of ethics, morality, the relevant legal regulations of the Czech Republic, the EU, the internal regulations of the Company and the regulations of the VINCI ENERGIES group.

Furthermore, the Company pays attention to the improvement of all management systems, namely the quality management system, the environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system. The goal is to increase the efficiency of the entire company and be a stable player on the market.

Thus, in accordance with the above, ELEKTROTRANS primarily undertakes:

  • To meet customer expectations in accordance with applicable legal requirements.
  • Follow and convey the main ideas of the VINCI Energies group.
  • Take maximum care of the safety of employees and emphasize the prevention and prevention of the occurrence of dangerous events.
  • As part of the management system, minimize the negative impact on the environment.
  • Take care of your employees, support their education, increase their qualifications and motivate them.
  • Build a good company name.
  • To observe the rules of ethics, morality and honest business dealings.
  • To ensure good cooperation with suppliers and all interested parties.



Ing. Martin Zeman

Managing Director and Chairman of the Board