Implementation jobs

Ing. Zdeněk Mrkvička

Technical director

The main task of the Line Construction section is the complete execution of orders for outdoor especially high voltage/very high voltage (HV/VHV) and high voltage/low voltage (HV/LV) lines.

We carry out both smaller-scale orders, such as various repairs and reconstructions, as well as large-scale orders, where we ensure the complex construction of new lines. At the moment, we are mainly dealing with the modernization of the existing transmission system line.

The work in our department is based on mutual cooperation and cooperation of the entire team. In order to always meet our common goal, i.e. to complete the job on time and with high quality, each team member must know his duties and responsibilities. Our work is based on mutual trust and respect. If you like challenges and are not afraid to work in a diverse team, we would like to welcome you among us.



Michal Jína

Construction manager and revision technician of reserved electrical device

I joined the company in 2005 after finishing high school in the field of high-current electrical engineering equipment. I started as a rank-and-file worker in the construction of VHV and PVHV under the leadership of older and more experienced colleagues. After years of gaining experience, from the best, I passed the Authorization Exam in 2011 in the field of Construction Technology Equipment and in the following years moved to a senior position as a Contract Technician. From 2017 to the position of Construction Manager. In addition, in 2014 I passed the exams for inspection technicians of electrical equipment without voltage restrictions, so my current job is not only Construction Manager, but also Inspection Technician.

Throughout my career, I have been influenced by experienced colleagues from whom I have learned and to whom I can still turn to for advice on the correctness of a technical solution or consultation on the problems brought about by the construction process.

By working together, we managed to consolidate our position on the market in the field of construction of VHV and PVHV lines, to improve the quality of the entire implementation process, from the construction of foundations, through mast structures to the laying of wires. All this thanks to the adoption of new and more modern technologies, the establishment of cooperation with colleagues abroad and mutual exchange of experience.

We would like to welcome other young colleagues to the work team who will have the desire to create quality works and learn so that they can one day pass on their experience.

Who are we looking for?

  • Steel structure fitter-climber

    • You will carry out assembly and height work on outdoor VHV/PVHV lines. Furthermore, you will participate in the construction, modernization, reconstruction, repairs, maintenance and emergency repairs of outdoor VHV/PVHV lines throughout the Czech Republic, possibly also abroad.
    • If you are meticulous, reliable, manually skilled, are able to work at heights and are a team player, do not hesitate to write to us about cooperation.
    • Education: apprenticeship, SO, secondary vocational school or high school
    • Training: Work at heights
    • Driving license is an advantage
  • Construction manager

    • You will independently manage the execution of orders on the outdoor line PVHV/VHV. You will also coordinate and control construction activities on assigned contracts. For example, control of compliance with technological procedures, health and safety, and PO, as well as coordination of all subcontractors and their activities.
    • You will be responsible for following the construction schedule, keeping the construction diary and the overall quality of the work.
    • If you are independent, decisive, responsible, reliable, able to manage people, work with great commitment and can handle stress, then do not hesitate to write to us about cooperation.
    • Education: High school or secondary vocational school finished with matriculation
    • We require authorization in the field, category B driver’s license, knowledge of working with a PC and Microsoft Office

What we offer?

  • 5 weeks vacation
  • Mobile phone with the option of up to 2 SIM cards with a discounted company tariff
  • Meal vouchers
  • Cafeteria
  • The possibility of using massages and exercises in the workplace
  • Opportunity to purchase VINCI Group shares at a bargain price
  • Pension insurance
  • Life Insurance



If anything interests you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Contact person: Mgr. Andrea Konvalinková
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +420 734 745 429