29 June 2021

V401 – Modernization TR Týnec – P.B.106 (1. phase)

The implementation took place in a consortium with the companies ELCON and SPIE Elektrovod. Our company implemented the TR Týnec section – p.b. 681.

Basic information:

Power line length 58,7km

Number of electricity pylos: 166pcs (1 314t)

Paint surface: 111m2

Concrete foudations: 1 180m3

Realization date: 08/2020 – 05/2021

The extent of modernization:

  • replacement of part of the steel structure at the supporting masts,
  • replacement of the steel structure of the anchor masts, three-beam type,
  • replacement of 6 gantry masts including concrete foundations,
  • replacement of insulator hinges,
  • replacement of phase conductors and ground cables
  • ONS application