24 June 2019

A gift to the Paraple Center

On June 24, 2019, representatives of the company ELEKTROTRANS ceremoniously handed over a gift in the form of an additional drive for the SmartDrive MX2 cart with a total value of CZK 142,660. This device can be attached to any mechanical trolley and, thanks to its light weight, each client of the Paraple Center can attach it himself. We believe that the clients will make a lot of use of this gift and that it will be much easier to move not only around the Paraple Center grounds, but also during trips and wanderings around Prague.

An additional gift was the Active Hands grip gloves, which are an important aid in the therapy of clients without the ability to grip the hands of the so-called tetraplegics. These clients make up to 70% of the Umbrella Center’s clients.

We are glad that in this way we could at least make life a little more pleasant and easier for some clients of the Paraple Center.