Technical and technological background

The Company has first-class equipment and technology, assuring maximum quality of all work done. Thanks to the technical equipment and our professionals’ knowledge and experience, we are able to meet our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently.

We are one of the few to master the unique stacking technique. We use this technique when working in difficult field conditions where work platforms or cranes cannot be used. It is an old but very efficient process.

Machines, equipment, instruments, transport means and machinery

The Company has an array of specialised transport means and machinery, equipment and tools, which it constantly replaces, and we also progressively invest in new technologies and equipment.

Recently, the Company has invested in pontoon slabs, used to provide access to masts for machinery. Their advantages are the light weight and easy manoeuvring and, above all, environment friendliness and reduction to crop damage.

The Company’s standard equipment includes CANTAMESA and TESMEC brake-and-winch systems, permitting installation and removal of single and bundled conductors, including combined earthing cables. The machine design permits drawing of multiple cables simultaneously and independently of each other.

In the area of transport, the Company has an array of vehicles available. A new TATRA T150 truck is the latest arrival in the fleet for 2016.